"The service he continues to provide has been especially rewarding"

Morgan's expert knowledge of the cable television industry and his contacts have proven very valuable to our company. His services have eliminated out time spent working with telecommunication providers and grown our incremental income. His proven results have increased tenant satisfaction and NOI at our properties. Multi-family owners now have an expert they can count on! 

- Dave Tanforan, Senior Asset Manager,


My management company, Ray Stone, Inc., brought to my attention the services provided by Morgan Fussell Consulting, Inc. First, I had no idea a company like this existed!  Second, Morgan's cable television background and his expert knowledge of the industry proved very valuable with our negotiations with various telecommunications providers.  The newfound incentives and incremental cash flow has increased our bottom line.  Third, the service he continues to provide after concluding the initial contract discussions have been especially rewarding and we continue to rely on him to provide expert advice in the communications area.

I would highly recommend his services to any multi-family community.

- John Kolar, General Partner - Vineyards General Partnership.

To Whom It May Concern:

"I am Chris Jones, President of the Board of Directors of The Casitas Manzanita Townhouses Association (CMTA).

Recently our agreement with our cable provider was set to expire.  Our Association Manager worked with the cable provider on a new agreement as part of the homeowners’ dues goes to the cable provider for the bulk service being delivered. After working with provider, our Manager felt that she was at an impasse with the provider.  After discussing with our attorney, our attorney recommended that we contact Morgan Fussell Consulting to do the negotiations for us.

Morgan called me so that the Association, Board, and he would all be on the same page.  After signing is one page “Letter of Authorization” he went to work. He was able to negotiate a great contract for our Association, which proved very beneficial to our residents.  His small fee came out of the new income he obtained for us.

Morgan was always very professional and thorough.  I would recommend him anytime for he truly understands the Cable business and did a far better job for the residents than we could have done ourselves.  Those of us who serve on the Board of Directors do so to make this place a better one.  Morgan certainly did this for us.


- Chris Jones, President of the Board of Directors of CMTA


To Whom It May Concern:

I want to let you know how happy we are with the work Morgan Fussell Consulting did in negotiating our cable company renewal agreement. There is no way we could possibly have negotiated as favorable a contract for our association as Morgan did.  Our Board, through Massingham, our management company asked me to work with Morgan to get the best deal possible for our association. I asked him to negotiate two options for us: a simple renewal of our bulk cable TV contract and a Double Play (cable TV and Internet)  contract. Morgan handled all negotiations directly with the providers, without my involvement in the direct negotiations. However, he kept me informed regularly about how the negotiations were going and how he was able use previously approved language in our agreement to better protect our community.

Morgan did something that I didn't know was possible, through his negotiations he was able to negotiate a very attractive access and marketing compensation agreement for the privilege of providing service to our community! The prices were phenomenal for the speed of the internet service and the number of cable television channels received. In addition, he negotiated a reasonable annual price cap for the services provided, something we didn't have in our previous agreement.

Bundling Internet service into our HOA monthly assessment like we do TV has resulted in significant out-of-pocket savings for our members. In our case, Morgan limited his negotiations to our current cable provider and the local telephone company. Through Morgan’s references I learned that his company is nationwide and has relationships will every bundled service provider in the country.  He can and does look at all available options to get the best deal for the association.  I strongly recommend that you pass Morgan's contact information along to any community. Not only can he most likely save or make your community money on new contracts or renewals, he will, with a signed “Letter of Authorization” review your current or proposed agreement for no charge.

The bottom line is that Morgan is well worth every penny we paid him. By the way, he is paid a percentage of new compensation he negotiates and/or the savings.  Morgan only gets paid if he brings in money to the association or if he saves them money. Quite frankly, I think it would border on being irresponsible not to use him since he is paid nothing if he cannot deliver.

Please feel free to pass this email along to any property manager, multi-family owner, attorney or association that is considering using Morgan's services. As Treasurer of our HOA, I know how hard it is to wring out savings from service providers. I wrote this recommendation to help others find ways to save money and to provide better services to their communities.

Best wishes,

- Bruce Weiner, Treasurer ibrucew@gmail.com Rancho de Los Gatos, a Massingham and Associates managed homeowners association



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